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DIY Herbal Infused Oil

It’s that time of year when everything is quickly put in the root cellar, canned, frozen or dried. One of the last herbs of the season in cooler climates is Golden Rod. Yes, you can prepare and pick most summer. However, that last batch blooms fullest right before the weather turns. We scramble to get as much picked in between harvests as possible. Here is a great way to use it and your summer dried herb and flower stash.

One of the simplest ways to incorporate herbs is by placing herbs in your favorite oils. No matter the purpose for your herb infused oil, you need two main ingredients.

  1. Carrier Oil
  2. Dried Herbs

1. Pick a carrier oil. Now this is important! Know your oils, if your experimenting, a quality olive oil makes great salve and oil for soaps. Depending on your goal with the oil once it’s infused is the key to selection. Are you planning to make: soap, lotion, salve, a soar muscle rub, skin cream, balm, sugar scrub? There are so many options of small topical or skin care oils (emu, almond oil, etc.), to basic oils for rubs or cracked skin. (Olive, palm, coconut oil, etc.)

2. Place your herbs in a sterilized jar (make sure it is dry, no water).

3. After selected herbs are chosen, cover with your desired oil. Make sure to completely cover the herbs and they are below the oil. (Below: examples of infused oil) The first picture is the completed infused oil I am beginning to pour off to make Balm of Gilead salve.

4. Let sit in a warm sunny area & Infuse!

Have fun and enjoy your creations! I will post a list of tried recipes we enjoy, look for my post soon!