DIY, 2 Ingredient, Jello Fruit Leather!

If you are already canning mom, you already know you love to give your family the best you can. If your children are like most though, they love some of the “other goodies” I may not make as often or prefer to buy. This recipe is SO simple and frugal. Near our area the seasons can range differently each year; however, most years I can put up applesauce and apple products for free (just the picking) or very inexpensively purchased. Which is a win- win for us because my kids love apple and the products I can put up for the season like applesauce, apple pie and so forth.

This recipe only requires applesauce (store bought WILL work), a box of sugar free jello, and a dehydrator! If you are looking for a “NO DYE” product, organic gelatin will do.

Mix 2 quarts of applesauce and 3 oz of jello or gelatin and place on a food dehydrator tray. Follow the instructions with your dehydrator. Our dehydrator takes roughly 8 hours to make fruit leather.