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Delicious Sugar Scrub Recipe

I love sugar scrub!!!

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Perhaps one of my favorite gifts to make around the holidays and throughout winter season is Sugar Scrub. I wanted to share my super easy base recipe that can be tweaked so many ways and with so many scents!

Delicious Sugar Scrub

3 C. Sugar

1 Cup oil of olive oil (*feel free to substitute with your favorite- I like almond oil)

10 drops of essential oil of choice for scent (ideas are peppermint, lavender, chamomile, etc) (These are great for an AM scrub- lemon, orange, a combo., etc.)

In a large bowl mix sugar and oils.  If you want to make more than one scent, hold out on the 10 drops of essential oil.  Instead place your divided mixture into several bowls or coffee cups and add 3-4 drops per /cup. 

Place in cute jars and/or decorated containers. 

A great gift item.  This is super easy!

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