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Daily Life

Dear Friends,

Hello Sweet Sister, How was your week? As I write many are facing snow storms or extremely cold weather. I am thankful to say, as I carefully sip on my steaming hot buttery & smooth Starbucks brewed caramel coffee, that is not us! A gift from a sweet friend in a cup almost always sparks good thoughts and reminders to pray for specific requests.

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In spite of the physical weather and all that entails (which I get, is sometimes overwhelming itself) how is your walk with God? Your precious family? And your ministry? As I write in “space” I am reminded that obedience to the Lord is never unseen by our sweet friend above. If you have popped in here today, welcome. Sometimes the most amazing women I have met have God all over their life, spilling into every conversation and written on every corner of their life. Yet, many Godly women often serve quietly, even ‘alone’. Whether a small church, a rural community, or in new territory; I just want to remind you, you are not alone. Yes, you already know the Lord is with you. That is key. You may also have a beautiful family serving along side you. But know, you have made a friend, a praying sister. Perhaps you know this sister well, but possibly you have never met either. A dear friend has your name written down. A sweet sister is faithfully praying for you, your loved ones, your influence and ministry. Keep pressing on!

I love and treasure faithful praying sisters. Sisters for sisters. Ladies I know, have had me on their prayer list for years and continue to pray for our ministry. Those were keys to my heart. My Lord holding the master key. But my sweet sisters held keys that locked my heart to theirs. It is so satisfying to know a faithful praying friend wants the best for you and your family. Sincerely prays for God to work in you. And in the lives of your loved ones. Those are keys that unlock a beautiful friendship. Thank you!

I also treasure the list of names God has bestowed upon me to faithfully pray for as well. Did you know the average pastor stays at his first church in America for 1.5 years? With the average time a pastor serves a church being 3 years. That number has been rising the last few years. Today however, statistics say 4 years. Beautiful fruitful friendships for Christ last for eternity! Many helps, services and sub-ministries have been diving into this issue. Truthfully, we can all help solve or remedy some of the gaps in ministry. That being said, the top three reasons pastors leave a church are: stress, loneliness and political division. Which is also the reason over half (56%) of servants leave the ministry all together. Ladies, we can help keep pulpits full! Something that is simple, a bit time consuming, but so good for us as well- connect!

Reach out to brothers and sisters in Christ near you! Need help finding a reason? Connect to help support a new pastor, small church or church plant. How about that extra materials left over from VBS, getting new hymnals, overwhelming nursery toys, leftovers from a remodel, and etc.? Do you travel? As you are passing through, call to find a good place to eat, and offer to take them out for fellowship. So on!

So, may I throw a challenge out there today? It could cost nothing but your time if you so desired. Look around, what sister can you pray for faithfully? Not sure? Do a quick search of your local churches, or pick a random city across the globe. Either way, look for pastor’s wives serving. Make a list. Pray. Pray for the things you want God to protect, bless and do through you and your family. As I’m sure that dear sister wants God to do those in her life as well. Faithfully pray. That kind of person, that kind of friend, is priceless. A teammate! Feel like that is not enough? Send them secret sister mail or a gift. If able, meet up for a delicious cup of coffee or hot cup of tea. Encourage. Exchange email and swap prayer lists. Anything is possible and can become the best thing you ever did. David and Johnathan is such a lovely example of hearts knitting together through a precious friendship. Enjoy the beautiful fellowship of a sweet sister that loves the Lord too! Isn’t God good?

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Happy Life, Happy Friendship! May the Lord hold the master key of your heart and draw you near this week!