Daily Life: 2023

people doing group hand cheer
Photo by Dio Hasbi Saniskoro on Pexels.com

Dear 2023,

Our first month of the calendar year has come and gone. All while many countries in the East are gloriously celebrating the new year in with delicious food, beautiful relationships and kindly woven communities. I love this world! Beautiful heritage, customs and traditions smother cultures while shaping their loving families within.

person holding magnifying glass

Wherever you travel around the globe, there will be people. Beautifully designed souls fashioned and created by our Lord and Savior! Isn’t God good? Such pleasure it is to meet people of all walks of life, scattered across the face of the globe. I hope and pray 2023 brings you more love. joy and peace. That revival spreads in the hearts of God’s people all across the world.

Oh, 2023, let is start with me! Help me spread love, joy, peace and desires to change the world. Let my time with our precious designer and friend pour over every corner of my life. My desire is the Lord’s, that all may come to know Him! And that each soul, heart and life would clearly see how precious they truly are to our dear God. Nothing is hid and this world is caked with sin, which is indeed a change from creation. BUT, His love for us has not, we are still in His thoughts, all good of course; and desired in fellowship. What a friend!

But 2023, may we find value in living again. Not like Lot, but like Abraham. Honor the steady, faithful, loyal, and truthful. Look for the heart that picks right when no one else does. Lift up the hard worker. May we, as people of this beautifully created world, search for righteous living among our brothers and sisters. Stand up for right and the innocent because it’s right. Honor and pray for our leaders and their positions. Support our heroes again, like police officers, military, pastors, clergy and so on.

Let us walk worthy. Walk louder than we talk. Shake hands when we greet each other. Look people in the eyes when we talk. Use our time and money wisely. Help without anyone knowing. Do right. Be right. Honor yesterdays heroes. Birth tomorrows leaders and heroes. Take pride in our accomplishments, but give credit where honor is due in cooperation. Set goals. Blow them out of the water surpassing all expectations. Energize the people around us. Create a better society. Apply practicality. Make a better future. Be stronger as a nation. See rewards of hard working people globally. Above all, obtain God’s favor.

As we roll into February, may 2023 continue to make a better tomorrow by working in the lives of God’s people today!