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Dear 2023; My Friend,

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Dear 2023; My Friend,

Sweet sister in the Lord, I am so glad you have found us on the world wide web! If you have recently found us in February, WELCOME! If you are returning, thank you for your faithful readership and your sweet patience as this site is ever changing. (Almost daily and it has only just begun.) My, oh my, February flew by so fast. I trust this finds you full in the thick of it, ministry that is. Many ladies, you have said January is usually your slowest month, like us. Soon, you found yourself jumping in with extra ministry, perhaps you had a banquet for your church for Valentine’s Day in February. Whether you are revving back into the swing of things or sparking new ministry branches like women’s ministry, banquets or spring programs; I would like to remind you to take care of yourself. You will be more use to our Lord, your church and most of all, your family if you are healthy. By that I do not say always put yourself first, but as you know, I mean take care of yourself too. You will make sacrifices in the ministry, you know that.

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Just as it is important to take care of yourself, I would like to remind you to care for your family as well. Ministries come and go, unfortunately but your family was entrusted by God for you to love. Also, He designed that your ministries have seasons and great relationships in our families help us bear those loads. Even if we never say a word of the burdens of our hearts, our families have a unique way of loving us in different seasons. As you them. Cherish your family, especially if they are in full service to the Lord.

Well as February passes we roll into March. How are you doing in your walk with God? Are you taking the needed time in your day to really rest in Him when it’s calm and hit the floor running after. Oh, your day is so much more productive isn’t it? For my USA ladies, Wal-mart is having mega clearances on journals and planners. Some for 3 years out, I recently purchase one for $1.25 and bought a stack of clearance sets- it ended up being on average 1.17 a piece- great for the teens and ladies ministries. So, be sure to check those out. March has rolled in the Easter stuff at the different dollar stores (Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar) Which is 75% off their previous season things. Great for the gift boxes tote for various prizes or ministry “rewards” (if you purchase ahead like me).

March is filled with some pretty fabulous days and Themed with “My Identity in Christ” in so many facets. The key verse, if you have your Bible is Hebrews 4:16:

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”

As a daughter of the King our identity rests in Christ. He desires to use our lives for His glory. Since you are serving Him, I would like to take a moment to praise Him for all He provides! He is so GOOD and faithful! Our amazing God has all the resources you will ever need to accomplish when He has set out for you to do. I am reminded over and over again, it is the humblest and surrendered He uses best. So many times, you think how much God could use someone because of this talent, or that skill and POOF! I am reminded he uses the feeble, the heartbroken, the lowly and often someone who has very little to give. He takes what is there and multiplies. Amazing. Our God is awesome!

If you have made it thus far in my ramblings, wonderful. Happy March! May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry. I pray He multiplies all you have and give of yourself for His glory. With many eternal rewards and treasure in heaven, while witnessing Him work in your day to day.

Here are a few extra special dates and things to think on for your family, homeschool, community, Sunday School and/or Church for the month of March:

~March is National Women’s History Month

~March is National Pastor’s Wife Month (Set aside to honor wives in ministry) Many celebrate this with Pastor appreciation month (October)

~March is Irish- American Heritage Month

~March is National Nutrition Month

~March is I love to Read Month or National Read Across America Day

~March is National Anthem Month

~March is National Minnesota Month

~ March is Developmental Disabilities Month

~March is National Cerebral Palsy & Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

~ March brings Vernal Equinox

~Week of March 8th is Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

~ World Orphan Week (First week in March)

~National Physicians Week

Special Days Include:

~ First Friday of the month is National Employee Appreciation Day, So March 3rd

~March 4th, National Sons Day

~March 7th National Flapjack day- (a favorite at our house)

~March 8th National Oregon Day

~March 12th, National Plant a Flower Day

~March 14th- National Pi Day (3-14)

~March 15th, National Kansas Day

~March 17th St. Patrick’s Day

~ March 18th is National Sloppy Joe & Corn Dog day

~March 20th Spring Begins

~ March 22nd National West Virginia Day

~March 25th, National Medal of Honor Day

~March 29th, National Vietnam War Veterans Day

~ March 31st, National Bunsen Burner Day

~ International Women of Color Day

~ Iditarod Race Begins the first weekend continues through March

If there are some ways to implement these in a fun way, enjoy. You will not regret the beautiful moments and memories you make with your loved ones.

Be prepared:

So, there are 5 weeks or Sunday’s before Easter (Watch for upcoming helps or ideas for Easter on the ministry wives page.)

There are 10 Sundays before Mother’s Day

Leaving 15 Sundays before Father’s Day

And 43 More Sunday until Christmas!

As always, if there is something specific you are looking for or that would be a help to you in your current ministry, please feel free to write me I look forward to hearing from you. And thank you for your patience as everything transitions, while putting up more each month. God Bless your work for Him sister & remember you have a praying friend! Happy March and we’ll see you on Ministry Monday!