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Daily Writing Prompt

Daily writing prompt
If you had a million dollars to give away, who would you give it to?

Ooooh! What a blessing that would be, to have a million dollars to give away!!! So, so many great ways there are to give one million dollars.

Want to think “out-loud” with me?

Organizations with great purpose, medical research to find cures and change life for so many, churches that truly pour into their communities needs (that have limited resources), better community services for rural or poverty stricken areas- USA & Worldwide along with community needs (medical supplies, food, clean water and needs). My list is quickly growing with specifics…

Hmm… then there are people that are changing SO MANY lives and could do more with greater funds. Orphanages, care services (for children and the family needs to offer temporary help, reunification or strive together successfully.) Seriously, how does one choose?

But, honestly, while investing in a cause would definitely be on my heart, God has placed me right where I am for a purpose, reason and season.

Looking around, local investment into this community would also be on my list. Also, my ‘home’ community. The greatest needs near me would be investigated for the proper investment.

Not really a complete answer yet, huh?

Do I have time to decide? Is this in person? Online? $ Sent? LOL


If it was a quick needed decision, it would service the people nearest me that needed it the most or completely sponsor an orphanage/school, (my heart).


One life at a time, one meal at a time, one service at a time; it really is how we influence the world around us! Continuing to live as such would be priority until one million dollars met the proper hands and/or organization.

Have a great day! What who would you bless with one million dollars? Better yet, could you change the world with one million dollars?

If someone asked me for $1,000,000.00; you may instantly laugh or think, who has that laying around? Only the wealthiest can give that kind of money. Perhaps.

But, did you know that really only comes to $14-15,000 a year (average life expectancy) after working age. Perhaps you do not have cash, but you probably have time, skill, goods, meals, a spare room, extra seat in your car, and so on. Just a thought.

$1,000,000.00 is really approximately:

  • 100,000 volunteer hours at the local food pantry or mother’s store
  • 9,250 nights of housing & provisions for an expecting mom or single mother in need (your average spare room or efficiency.)
  • 25,000 outings as a Big Brother or Big sister (on average)
  • 67,000 hours of installing handicapped equipment or housing needs with your local habitat for humanity
  • 40,000 buzz cuts
  • 125,000 bowls of soup
  • 50,000 spaghetti dinners
  • 41,000 pairs of shoes
  • 34,000 winter coats
  • 60,000 bouquets of flowers to the nursing home
  • 23,000 quilts to sick patients
  • 12,500 free photo session for foster kids’ senior pictures
  • 835,000 cans of product for your local food pantry (average)
  • 10,560 plasma donations
  • 15,500 Donated turkey dinners at Thanksgiving
  • 90,910 book donations to your local library or book mobile
  • 22,222 lawns mowed (average)
  • 10,600 wedding or special cakes donated (average price)
  • 400,000 dozen eggs gifted to neighbors and those in need
  • 43,000 bags of dog food donated to the local shelter in need
  • 84,000 dozen baked cookies for your local fire, shelter and hospital fundraisers

While I could keep going, this is the random thoughts that came to mind in a few moments. You may already be giving greatly and not notice. Thank you for giving!

Please, do not forget that your giving everyday RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE- MATTERS. And if you are a man and woman that invest funds into these great works, organizations and causes; thank you. So many are very grateful for your gifts and investments!

But, if you find yourself like so many, that desire and wish you had more to give; please remember you do! You have you, your time and your valuable skills- ALL of which are of great importance as well!

Have a beautiful weekend!