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Daily Life: Ministry Wives Letter

Sweet Sister,

Greeting! It has been two week since our last visit. I hope this finds you well in body and spirit. How are you? No, not the automated response; but, how are you really? Are you tired? Have you made a plan to refresh yourself? Do the tasks of homemaking seem overwhelming right now? Remember, this season will pass. How is your health? Is there a plan in place to keep you at your peak in the health department. Or perhaps you are in a season of maintenance. Everything is going fairly smooth, not bad, but not where you would like. Do you find you have a little bit of wiggle room to devote to extra reading, prayer and self care? Maybe rearing the end of baby seasons with more time to invest into activities and tasks with the children or those you minister unto. Whatever the case, I hope and pray you are closer in your walk with the Lord than ever before.

Bible studies, women’s ministries and such are probably underway with the new year. But, be sure to make personal time and study. Enjoy your Bible journal and extra time with the Lord. May HE draw you nearer through the month and into April.

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Spring is often a time of conferences and gatherings, but also a time of transitioning and planning the new year ahead. Refresh yourself. Be sure to plan your date nights. Look for a few activities or outings to plan with your family. Perhaps a vacation, if possible. But, examine your health. So many of you pour into your husbands, children and ministry; that you often leave yourself last. I want to remind you, it is not selfish to take care of yourself. You will minister happier and “feel better” in doing so. It is difficult to pour into others if we are ill or in pain. You are worth the investment.

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Lastly, be sure to connect. It has been a blessing to meet some of you this year and connect. In doing so, I hope to better serve a gap, the possible needs of small churches from afar, keep “in touch” via online, and/or make beautiful friendships. As the site develops, overall focus will shift to serve. But, the heart of this website will not. Thank you for connecting, and if there is anything that your church plant, small church or ministry may need that can be uploaded from afar; please reach out. Thank you again, for faithfully serving our Lord and Savior. HE is worthy. HE is good!

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Happy Homemaking! Happy Ministry!