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Grab a cup of coffee or tea and have a seat my friend. Sitte med meg! Sit with me please, before the coffee gets cold.

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Dear Friend,

So glad you stopped by this weekend! Wow! What a week filled with so many ups and downs. Crazy weather, amazing connections, new friends, and so many emotions to close the week out. I love the Lord! He always amazes me! As I meditated on our verses throughout the month of January thus far, I was reminded through daily life the value of New Beginnings! But not for the grace of God, my life could and would look so much different. God is so good! Even in very difficult and some of the most painful seasons of my life, my precious Savior and dear friend has held me the closest and carried me through. Through to perhaps another difficult, but new season and chapter in my life. God is ever so good and faithful! All simply because I had a new beginning. A time ago, when all this was new to me. As I reflect on that time in my life, I am reminded in my lull seasons that day of salvation. Not just in what Christ had done for me, but that I did not want to waste any other day I was gifted! Perhaps my life looks different than yours, but the heart is what matters. My life and heart are important to Christ. As are yours. After salvation, I did not want to waste any days on fool hearty things. I cherished and treasured my time. Not wanting to spend it on things of this earth that had very little meaning to the kingdom of God and eternity. My heart was and continues to be surrendered to God’s will. He is such a wonderful friend, faithful and true to His word.

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Although I accidentally stumbled upon this free printable from Kingdom Bloggers, I was so thankful I did. While looking for some resources to share with pastor’s wives around the USA, I found the printables that go with each month! The amazing part is four (4) of the months I had planned for our Ladies in-person Bible Studies already matched with the monthly themes. Thank you Lord! You knew my friend, your knew. HERE is January for printing and listening.

We are King James Version, and the resources list each verse to meditate on by the day, monthly and has them posted for the year. God is so faithful! So, first I would like to share the resource. Second, we have our main Bible Studies and they will be posted online. Most beautifully, is they go with the monthly theme and verse. And if you are in the Women’s Snowshoe Mail Club, the authors there are hosting a weekly study and recap on http://www.titusjoy.com as well. If you need any of the resources (additional language downloads may be available as well- just ask) or would like them sent via mail; please email me I can send extras if that is a better way for you to receive them.

With that said, thank you for your patience. God is always so patient with us, and I am so thankful you are patient with me as well. Blogging was just a ‘vent’ place at first and to share a few resources with some Sisters in the Lord and I have come to learn on this journey that there is a great need. Some of the most faithful, loving and God-fearing people I have had the pleasure to meet, serve in very rural communities or have difficult ministries. Their ministry is needed just as much if not more than the mega churches. However, most of these churches and ministries do not get paid or have very low pay, do not have unlimited resources and often have very little or only donated supplies. All heart. It is so beautiful! And while so many are just fine and do an amazing job, I see that this website could help with just a fraction of that gap. So, as we dive into the first half of the year, please be in prayer with me. That this transforms and shapes into not just a pleasure or ‘vent’ site with love, encouragement and enjoyment; but, also organized best to meet the needs of others serving our wonderful Lord and Savior! Thank you so much!

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Until next time, God blessing on your obedience and service to Him! May he draw you closer than ever before in 2023 and keep you! Happy 2023! Happy Friend ~Kerry Joy