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Daily Life: 2023

christmas cake

Dear 2023,

Thank you for the blessings thus far! I cannot wait to see what the year holds. Although the year has already been filled with many births, a few deaths of close friends, and many personal touches from the Lord; I know there is more to come. Yearly friendship meetups have been beautiful and renewing. As gatherings for the seasons of thankfulness and Christ’s birth celebrations are closing, the New Year and its celebrations are in full swing. A time to reflect on the past year, while embracing the New Year present. With arms wide open, I reflect on a few of this years goals.

  • Press On and Embrace a New Year
  • Continue to grow or better myself. (Spiritual, emotional and physical growth.)
  • Pray and support better. (More authors on the site, advertising more at-home or businesses from leaders in ministry. Just more efficiently or specifically requested resources in others.)
  • Ask more hard questions. Read more.
  • Remember and embrace the value of raw, unedited and real life truth.
  • Step out more in the things I am passionate about.
  • Listen better.
  • Express thankfulness better in difficult seasons.
  • Share even more with others the beautiful things the Lord continues to do day to day in my life.

Writing these in a place that will not get lost in the shuffle of life over the next year and all that it is going to bring! Thank you for your support and prayers. God is so good! Oh, and as more of you are here reading things from a ‘stranger’, do not hesitate to send an email. I embrace real. If you would like to send your personal prayer requests or requests of the ministry of which you serve, love mail or personal fellowship/support; please do not hesitate to send me an email. I would love to hear from you!

Happy Life! ~ Kerry Joy