Curriculum: From Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: Teaching Children the Bible- 5 Things that Will Help You Succeed

Let us focus on number (3) or “clear, easy to follow curriculum, and be simple on the text.” If you are not writing your own material, than you probably use a curriculum. This post was designed to help link several curriculum options in one location. ***Let me also add that I do not necessarily endorse all the curriculum listed below. It is impossible to know all the teachings within a curriculum, but curriculum will be removed if it does not fit with the purpose of this website. Also, by clicking on these links does not benefit me in any way. I do not work for them- if you would like to support http://www.titusjoy.com feel free to click on the side link(s) purchasing space for their advertisement. This list will also change as I continue to receive emails and updated curriculum information.

Curriculum: From Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: Teaching Children the Bible- 5 Things that Will Help You Succeed

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Teaching Bible is important, generational influencing and such a blessing! I would incorporating these 5 things to make your time Teaching Children the Bible more successful.

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Teaching Children the Bible

Teaching children the Bible is so rewarding. Bible time, as we call it, fits all ages with the same text. However, depending on your setting, there are some tips and tricks that work for all. And then there are some specific helps designed to really assist in the teaching of the Bible to children based upon age group and setting. So you can see in depth these 5 elements used to teach the Bible to children and adults more effectively. We looked at these elements already and are focusing on number three (3) curriculum.

  1. A Bible or Visual to have Bible Verses On
  2. Have Fun, Sing and/ play a Game
  3. Be clear, easy to follow curriculum, and be simple on the text
  4. Supplement
  5. Enjoy & Pray!

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Teaching the Bible is such an important job. With these (5) key elements in teaching Children the Bible, you set yourself up for success. But curriculum, where do you find curriculum? Well first, I would like to exemplify that curriculum is such a great tool, but not a requirement. This post is to help make your time teaching more effective. With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can develop and piece together a “curriculum” as needed if you have a very little budget or no budget at all. Let us not diminish the value of God’s Holy word. It is effective, powerful and life changing as is! However, if you have a growing church with a budget to match, there are some great curricula out there to save you time and energy to put back into the church elsewhere. Teaching Children the Bible With Curriculum.

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Teaching Children the Bible with Curriculum

Next we will look at Bible Curriculum. I have broken this down into 4 main groups to better serve and assist you and your church ministry in selection of Bible Curricula.

  1. Sunday School Bible Curriculum
  2. Bible Curriculum for Clubs, After School Programs, Children’s church, etc.
  3. Classroom, Private, and/or Home Based Bible Curriculum
  4. All other Curriculum that could be used for teens, young adults, book study, etc.

Now please note, there are so many out there. If you would like to contact me on a recommendation of a program, advertise a new program you have developed and/or links or information, please feel free to message me at marvelousjoy@titusjoy.com

Teaching Children Bible with:

1: Sunday School Bible Curriculum

Teaching Children the Bible with Sunday School Curriculum is helpful and saves time. Finding a trusted Sunday School supplier of materials can be a life saver. Here are a few Bible based curricula (not a particular denomination) we have found. I have commented on the ones I am familiar with.

  1. Through the Bible- a tried and true Sunday school package that has served many churches well, for many years. Sunday school material for all ages. Church educational resources that are true to God’s word.
  2. Borgard Press– Great Sunday school material for all ages. KJV. Enough good cannot be said about this company and their material. Be sure to check out their vacation Bible School, children’s church and your church supply needs. A great all in one order option.
  3. Pkpublications- Children’s and adult Sunday School material.
  4. Bible Basics KJV Curriculum- a wide rand of curriculum for all ages.
  5. Bible Characters Curriculum- Another highly recommended solid curriculum that can be used for multiple ages. With 5 volumes to choose from, each series has about 25 lessons. (Several years worth.) Activity pages are included in this curriculum as well.
  6. Answers in Genesis
  7. TeamKid
  8. Mission Friends
  9. The Path
  10. Gospel Publishing
  11. RightNow
  12. Joyful Life- KJV curriculum that can be ordered through them or from christianbook.com The Joyful Life Sunday School Curriculum is actually published by Abeka and has many pieces that include guides and visual aides for the classroom.
  13. RBP
  14. ABC Sunday School
  15. Lifeway– sunday school and Bible studies for all ages. kjv
  16. YM360
  17. D6
  18. Striving Together
  19. Fuel
  20. Group Publishing- hands on Bible curriculum.
  21. KJV Sunday School– has KJV Sunday School lessons, some currently free.

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2: Bible Curriculum for Clubs, After School Programs, Children’s Church, etc.

Having a solid base foundation of a club, after school program and/or children’s church is extremely helpful and time saving for your leaders. Even if tweaked, a necessary foundation allows for structure and lesson outlines for your club or program. Here are a few Bible Curriculum companies we have found. Perhaps some you may not heard of before. Remember this and all the Bible material can often be adjusted easily to fit another program or Bible teaching group.

  1. King’s Kids
  2. AWANA
  3. Adventure Club
  4. High Voltage Kids
  5. Pioneer Club
  6. Truth78
  7. Child Evangelism Fellowship
  8. Gospel Project
  9. Kids for Truth Club
  10. Lighthouse Kids Club
  11. Patch the Pirate
  12. Sword of the Lord Club
  13. David C. Cook
  14. Positive Action for Christ
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3. Classroom, Private and/or Home Based Education Bible Curriculum

  1. Abeka
  2. ACE
  3. Alpha Omega Publications (3 different options/learning choices)
  4. Landmark Baptist
  5. BJU
  6. AWANA
  7. Answer in Genesis
  8. Apologia
  9. Memoria Press
  10. Many more choices

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4: Other Bible Curriculum

  1. Behold Your God by John Snyder
  2. Armory by Marshal Asher
  3. Fundamentals of Faith by John MacArthur
  4. Practice of Godliness
  5. Way of the Master Series by Susan Heck
  6. Access by Lifeway
  7. Ability Ministry
  8. Joni and Friends
  9. The Path
  10. The Pathway Press
  11. Right Now