Delicious Sugar Scrub Recipe

I love sugar scrub!!! Photo by Tara Winstead on Perhaps one of my favorite gifts to make around the holidays and throughout winter season is Sugar Scrub. I wanted to share my super easy base recipe that can be tweaked so many ways and with so many scents! Delicious Sugar Scrub 3 C. Sugar … Continue reading Delicious Sugar Scrub Recipe

Tator Tot Hotdish (with 5+ variations)

I don't know about your house, but this classic go- to recipe is a hit in our home! Oddly enough, I just assumed everyone has heard of tator tot hotidish. Well, you know what assuming does... One day my hubs was at work discussing classic meals that are always hits. Tator tot hot dish was … Continue reading Tator Tot Hotdish (with 5+ variations)

DIY Starbucks Pumpkin Scones Recipe

Photo by Valeriia Miller on Starbucks is known for a few things. Honestly it is not a "big" thing here. We have a few "small" non- franchise coffee shops within a 1/2 hour commute that people will pass up Starbuck any day to drive there. However, having had Starbucks several times, they do have … Continue reading DIY Starbucks Pumpkin Scones Recipe

Mexican Scallop Delight

Perhaps our new favorite squash to grow is this beauty, Early Scallop Squash. (Small bed of Early Scallop Squash) After 45 days, this big pile of bushy greens, begins to pop out small white scallops of squash. The flesh is a soft and creamy in color and makes many great dishes. So with so many … Continue reading Mexican Scallop Delight

Carrot Cake Jam

Jellies and Jams are a staple for any family with children. For some, a delicacy. Over the years, my children had identified their go-to favorites for delicious sandwich jelly and jams, as well as their absolute favorite delicacies. "We need more _____________ jam, can you please make more soon." What is that favorite, perhaps generational … Continue reading Carrot Cake Jam

Sweet Squash Cakes

As crazy as this sounds, winter squash cakes are delicious! Perhaps it's the fact that I love breakfast comfort food. Maybe it's my love for winter squashed baked to perfection with melted butter running down the sides (like my pancakes). Either way, the fact that I can combine those two items for breakfast is absolutely … Continue reading Sweet Squash Cakes

Garden Muffins

OH, how beautiful garden produce truly is! Dehydrate, freeze or canning are wonderful skills to have; however, I would rather use the fresh produce immediately. This is a great adaptable recipe to do just that. Being a lover of baked goods, I am a bit particular. Sorry, not sorry. Our ladies group is call Mugs … Continue reading Garden Muffins

Breakfast Vegetable Hash

With the garden thriving and vegetables flowing to the kitchen, canning season is in full swing. With all the fresh eats, one of our absolute favorite things to make is a full breakfast with vegetable hash browns all the way. One of our Hugelculture experiments After our morning chores and rummaging through our various gardens … Continue reading Breakfast Vegetable Hash

Sausage and Egg Breakfast Pizza Recipe

Egg Recipe #16 Photo by Pixabay on Happy chickens= a lot of eggs= egg recipes for you! Customized pizzas are the best kind of pizzas! Don't forget to add your favorite toppings and ingredients like pepper varieties, mushrooms, tomatoes, extra meats and specialty cheeses to this great recipe! Here is our basic sausage and … Continue reading Sausage and Egg Breakfast Pizza Recipe

DIY Cloud Sand Dough Sensory Bin with Recipe

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Children LOVE sand. Hours at the park, beach or in the back yard sandbox accumulates a large portion of our summer for the littles. To my surprise, while working at a preschool, the private school center actually did NOT allow the children to play in an outdoor sandbox due … Continue reading DIY Cloud Sand Dough Sensory Bin with Recipe