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Pastor Appreciation

October! Need I say more? This year has flown by and it continues to pick up momentum. October is pastor appreciation month, do you have anything planned? How does your church plan to celebrate? Are you lead in the planning or flying solo? It is not be wrong in any way to honor your husband… Continue reading Pastor Appreciation

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Preparing to Be a Pastor’s Family

With Back to School elements everywhere, it is a reminder of the new season quickly approaching. A season for many new home schooling families. A fresh start to families that have relocated or return back to their fall routines. But, it also expresses the urgent needs of many churches around our country this time of… Continue reading Preparing to Be a Pastor’s Family

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Oil in the Horn

One of the most notorious stories in the Bible is David beating Goliath. But prior to that what about God selecting HIM and Samuel anointing him? Did he really beat Goliath because he was the only one willing to fight? Kind of a trick question, right? Not intending it to be a trick question, but… Continue reading Oil in the Horn

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Leading With Courage

Dear Ministry Wives: Leading With Courage Leading With Courage Leadership can be a hard role to fill in any faucet of life, but often extremely difficult in ministry. Leadership positions come with a higher standard, and rightly so. But, so often leadership comes with criticism as well, not always constructive though. Stepping into the role… Continue reading Leading With Courage

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Sweet Rest & 85 Daily Self Care Ideas

Rest. A simple four letter word that we often do not think about enough. Self care is so important in life, especially in ministry. Most ladies I have met get very little self care time if any while serving in the ministry midst the busy season of childbearing and home educating. Yet, it is vital.… Continue reading Sweet Rest & 85 Daily Self Care Ideas

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Healing From Church Hurt: Five Healing Helps

Church Hurt is Real! It never feels good to be hurt by others. But, what about when it happens at church? How do you know when it's right to leave a church? Church hurt is real! Church hurt STINKS! Unfortunately when you have a room stuffed full of dirty rotten sinners, which we all are,… Continue reading Healing From Church Hurt: Five Healing Helps

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Dear 2023; My Friend,

Photo by Kostas Dimopoulos on Dear 2023; My Friend, Sweet sister in the Lord, I am so glad you have found us on the world wide web! If you have recently found us in February, WELCOME! If you are returning, thank you for your faithful readership and your sweet patience as this site is… Continue reading Dear 2023; My Friend,

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Daily Life: 2023

Photo by Dio Hasbi Saniskoro on Dear 2023, Our first month of the calendar year has come and gone. All while many countries in the East are gloriously celebrating the new year in with delicious food, beautiful relationships and kindly woven communities. I love this world! Beautiful heritage, customs and traditions smother cultures while… Continue reading Daily Life: 2023