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Photo by Adam Grabek on As a woman of God, our lives often mean juggling all the "normal things" everyone does and keeping a balanced spiritual life as well. As self explanatory and as simple as it may seem, we know often, it is not. Keeping things in proper balance with sufferings and seasonal… Continue reading Affections

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Off- Road Fun

Fresh air and fun! Brush thick sways over the front end and bright, morning light begins to flicker through the trees. Slowly, bump after bump; each rut became rhythmic, climbing uphill and down again. Followed by irony red clay puddles, the dark black sides washed shiny crimson. Vision through the dense thick forest was minimal.… Continue reading Off- Road Fun

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85+ Summer Meal Recipes Ideas Under $1.25

85+ Summer Meal Recipes Under $1.50 Summer loving lunches and their recipes front and center please! Amazing food, affordable prices, and meal recipes that do not break the bank; that is a win win for any mom! So let's begin with this lengthy post. The prices listed are mentioned with regular prices, but prices vary… Continue reading 85+ Summer Meal Recipes Ideas Under $1.25

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3 Notes to Thrive This Summer

3 Notes to Thrive This Summer Does your church attendance drop in the summer? With graduations, traveling, camping and vacations; many churches see a drop in their attendance over the summer, while others thrive and see increase! So what is the difference? Your people or your congregation Planning God At Work What if you could… Continue reading 3 Notes to Thrive This Summer

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World’s Best Potato Salad

World's Best Potato Salad Okay, so a confession. One weakness I will always have is, delicious potato salad! There are so many ways I have had potato salad. From Dilly potato salad, steakhouse potato salad, classic Amish, mustard potato salad, loaded doggie potato salad to German potato salad! Yet, of all the delicious salads out… Continue reading World’s Best Potato Salad