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Back to School Supplies Found Cheaper than Walmart!

Okay, it is that time of year again! As we know, it is super easy to grab your list (for public or private education) and head to Walmart or Target for your next haul. Boom! Done!

However, f you are like a lot of moms; being extra thrifty with their pennies, you are cruising through the supply list thinking what is optional and where is the best place to purchase this? Let me help! We will stretch that budget and leave more room for things you want to splurge on OR $ you want to save!


Let me clarify, a single standard notebook has been cheapest at Walmart for my area without a coupon,Target close behind or Walgreens with a coupon. However, buying notebooks in bulk with multi-colors has been least expensive at Amazon HERE.

But, these notebooks are the note taking notebooks my kids love for writing down their to-do lists, class notes or homework list for the week.

AND Currently, they are super cheap on Temu! (Many items go on timed flash sales- so this may vary when you click)

And if you are new to Temu, be sure to sign up for an account looking for up to ***$100 off on your first order*** (This is a random wheel they have you spin prior to downloading the app. AND if you check your inbox there are sometimes extra “hidden” discounts if you make your order in the first 24 hours of opening your account.)


Planners come in all different shapes and sizes, but this planner is currently under $3 and it actually has the daily filler pages! While there are many more to choose on Temu as well, do not forget Amazon has great options too that range in prices! One like this academic planner is under $3 as well!


Of course not all pencils are cheaper than your bulk stores, but if you are a pencil snob like us (they really do write that much better) than you will be shocked (maybe) like us they are actually cheaper on Amazon. Crazy! Right?

While they do have other options, many more than your local discount stores, DO NOT forget they also take coupons, making them just as inexpensive choices! Sometimes Amazon already has a coupon listed as well, be sure to check them out!

Organization Charts

With school starting up, the days fill up quickly! Help jump start your back to school week off right by getting organized before the schedule gets full and crazy! Can you believe this one is currently less than $3 too?

While organizing does not have to be expensive, if you are looking for a better system for a bit more; I love this chart set found on Amazon! It has lasted for years and is a simple investment to help organize your home, schedule and meals!

Kits or Packs

Want to save money AND time and just just get the basics, because what else do you really need? Check out these school grade packs or kits that contain the essentials!