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Child Approved Fruit Parfait Recipe

I’m not sure about your family, but my family loves dessert. I love this SO SIMPLE recipe, but it feels like dessert. If one can get by with healthy dessert that could be eaten at breakfast, how much better can the day start, right?

Seriously though, my kids love anything with fruit and yogurt. This spin on their simple plain yogurt, fruit and granola breakfast really does make it seem like a sweet treat!

Here it is.

Grab a package of graham crackers and smash them up. (A rolling pin works wonders.) To save on a mess or top only make this for a couple people grab only 6 graham crackers, place them in a plastic bag, seal and crush.)

Place 2 Tablespoons of crushed graham crackers in the bottom of a clear kids cup. Layer with one cup of mixed yogurt. (Strawberry is a favorite here.) Sprinkle in some sliced fruit and stir (only the top yogurt layer to help cover the fruit.) Serve as is or put a dollop of cool whip and a piece of fruit to make it more dessert like. Share & enjoy!

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A confession- I never make one. When I go to this recipe I but bulk and use glass jars. I will post on my glass jar system more later. But I LOVE the little glass jars and buy the plastic white lids that screw on. Yes with children, you have to be careful of broken glass, but in 15 years I have never had a child break a jar. Now when dropped, the lid (plastic) is the first to shatter. That happened once about 8 years in. It was an accident, a snack helper grabbed one too many jars and lost one. Not a bad mess, or safety issue. So to this day we are more careful and only grab one for each hand to carry and no more. 😉

In a nutshell, in a large seal-able plastic container (especially in the summer). I will then mix 3-4 large tubes of yogurt: 2 Vanilla and 2 fruit flavors of the kids choice. This is usually strawberry or black cherry. Peach is the next runner up for something different.

Then I place my slice my fruit into the container and mix. (I have a couple food allergies- so with those fruits I just slice them last and only add them in when I have a few jars made (extras too) & labeled so they have the same snack without the allergy item. Then I add in that particular fruit for the rest of the children to enjoy.) *If you are in a pinch for time you can always layer and add the sliced fruit when serving too.

For graham crackers- 2 boxes opened in a gallon zip lock bag, sealed and crushed.

With a 1/4 Cup metal scoop, I just make 2 dozen jars at a time. Graham cracker bottom, fill to the line with yogurt. I make extra yogurt filling on purpose to be a topping/ dip for pancakes later in the week. However if you were making the exact amount mix it in a gallon bag and slice a large hunk off of the corner- it is so much easier to fill the jars this way. Just be sure to slice the corner large enough for the fruit to pass through. ** Again you could just do this with the yogurt, but keep enough room then for the layer of sliced fruit.

Either way works and tastes great! **For daycare I found instead of them taking a bite or two, when it’s mixed in they tend to eat it all 😉

When you serve you can top or leave as is.

Share, Eat & Enjoy!!!

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