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8 Simple Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Special At Church

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8 Simple Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Special At Church

With 8 Simple Ideas to make Mother’s Day special at church, you can turn an ordinary service into a beautiful welcoming and homecoming for your mothers. It is such a blessing to have the house of God full on Mother’s Day. Full of the moms that shape the world, and their children that try to be a blessing for Mother’s Day by being in service and celebrating alongside mom! So, without further ado, here are 8 Simple Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Special At Church!

1. Sunday School Crafts

Who doesn’t love cute kids crafts and homemade gifts from little ones? Their faces with their beautiful project is just as sweet as the homemade gift. Sunday school crafts are one simple, extra way to say Happy Mother’s Day!

2. Special Music

Music. Beautiful music adds to any event! But be sure to check out some great songs to add to your Mother’s Day Service! Here is a post on Mother’s Day Music Selections.

3. Mother’s Day Breakfast

Mother’s Day food is great. A breakfast is one way to meet the need. From a full breakfast buffet to keeping it simple with scones, muffins, fruit platters and finger foods; a Mother’s Day breakfast can be a wonderful treat for mom and help get everyone out the door in wonderful time!

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4. Mother’s Day Brunch

Not sure on what to make for breakfast, how about a brunch? This can be a full blown bacon, eggs, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, fruit parfaits, ham steaks, and etc. Brunch is another lovely way to celebrate Mother’s day!

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5. Mother’s Day Photographer

What a sweet way to honor mothers on Mother’s Day! A treasure for all mothers, is to obtain more photos of their children. Encourage your mothers to dress for photographs, some mothers will be excited to have the opportunity to take photos with their children and/or match. I also love this addition to service because it encourages mothers to get their children to attend as a gift for mom as well!

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6. Guest Speaker

If for no other reason, a guest speaker is a great gift for the pastor’s family. The whole family can sit in church together and be encouraged! But, finding a guest speaker for Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to be an extra blessing to your church. With families together and Mother’s spending the day with a wide variety of emotions, a guest speaker is often beautifully received and enjoyed by all.

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7. Flowers

Another beautiful way to celebrate Mother’s Day is with flowers. Roses are a simple and effective way to say “We love Moms!” We love this way as well because often mothers do not always see their children on Mother’s Day. Some celebrate early, later or not at all; especially when children serve in the ministry as well. This is also a great way to honor ALL mother figures and women in their role in the next generation!

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8. Gift Bags

Gift bags are another way to show appreciation to mothers on Mother’s Day! Tuck in some simple treats and/or a gift to bless the ladies of your church!

I hope these 8 Ideas For Mother’s Day At Church are a blessing. Have a beautiful and Happy Mother’s Day!

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