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75+ Ways to Make Money On Your Homestead

Even without several thousands of acres at your feet, with a little creativity and extra hard work, there are several opportunities to add a little bit (or a substantial amount) of income to your homestead adventure. The freedom of self employment is exciting and alluring to say the least.

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To begin, I’ve included bare or beginners land options because perhaps that is how you’d like to finance your new homestead while juggling your current employment and finances. Let’s begin.

  1. Rent the Land- Perhaps you purchased a new to you homestead or open piece of property you plan to build your new homestead on from the ground up. Rent it out the first summer. Hay fields or a pasture to a local farmer can easily bring in $145-$270 an acre. Depending on the land value and demand. Horse hay is a huge demand right now in some areas and have been brought in on good alfalfa/hay fields. This may also vary on how you rent the land. You can offer a flat rate cash amount, a flat rate and $X amount per bale OR if you want to deal with less cash,offer a flat rat along with a percentage of bales harvested. (A great way to pay for a newly seeded area or field upgrades if you do not have the equipment, know-how, time OR large amount of need for all the hay.) If you have a small bit of land, city dwellers would also pay to rent the space for a hog, small flocks or space for their own garden. Crating a community garden is a great way to rent out land. Lower fees are bound to attract more renters of plots if you do not mind the traffic. A great little to no effort income from your land is renting the land.

2. Rent Out Outings on your Land- Depending on your setup and size of your property, this can be lucrative. Hunters from the city will pay a good deal of money during hunting season for larger huntable acreage. If you have open land with a view, people often look for outdoor wedding or family reunion space. If you have woodsy terrain, many after school programs, daycares and homeschool groups love nature. Offering to rent out the area for a small annual fee

3. Start Seeds- Sell transplants to cover your costs or create revenue for future investments.

4. Garden Vegetables- Grow and sell extra produce from your garden. If markets are expensive for tables or have a waiting list, make a small self-serve stand at the end of your driveway.

5. Garden Herbs- Grow and sell fresh herbs.

6. Grow Flowers-

7. Sell Photos or Offer Photo Sessions-

8. Grow Grains and Mill your Own Flour for Sale

9. Grow and Sell Garlic-

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10. Sell Trees, Bushes and Shrubs-

11. Make Oils, salves and tinctures- Another great way to use those herbs and your beautiful bounty in supplies you and others can enjoy.

12. Market Sales- Sell jars of canned goods from your vegetables garden and fruits.

13. Sell Compost

14. Teas- Make and sell fresh tea blends from your fresh herbs and flowers.

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15. Host Dinner At the Farm-

16. Host a Yoga in the Garden Class-

17. Teach A Class-

18. Grow Mushrooms- Mushrooms are sought after by many local restaurants and mushroom lovers. Depending on your area, mushrooms average $1.45 a pound. (Obviously market, species and demand makes a difference) Fresh trusted local market prices easily sell at $8.75 per ounce for dried home grown or locally harvested mushrooms. If you have good products, you will be known and sought after at market in no time.

19. Seeds- As your garden grows and things go to seed, save your seed. Save and sell seeds.

20. Raise Chickens- Raise chickens and sell your surplus eggs.

21. Incubate Chicks- While you raise chickens for eggs, keep a rooster and a few hens in their own enclosure for fertile eggs to incubate.

eggs in egg incubator

22. Feathers- Fly fishermen love fishing flies and hooks of all colors and sizes. Some birds you may have in your flock already, could have valuable feathers sought after by fishermen and fly-tiers. Here is a post from someone with a little more expertise. Although there are many opinions on specific breeds, and those do sell very well, don’t forget there is a market for your feathers on line if this is something you desire to try to make and income with on your homestead.

23. Animals- Breed and sell small animals. As homesteaders we offer a happy and productive life for many animals, rather than pet shops. Rabbits, game birds, and other small critters can enjoy your happy little homestead as well until they are placed in the loving car of another family.

24. Sell honey.

25. Give farm or homestead tours.

26. Offer pet sitting services.

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27. Services- Offer grooming services. (Even nails, trims, hoof care and such is in demand around our area.)

28. Dog park- Create a dog park with rent-able season rates.

29. Sell chopped, split, and bundled firewood.

30. Off indoor or outdoor storage.

31. Have a few campsite or RV spots for rent to travelers.

32. Goats- Raise Goats and sell products. (Goat’s milk lotion is a sought after item here.) Milk, cheeses, lotions and soaps are just a few.

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33. Cows- Raise Cows and sell milk or milk shares, beef shares, cheeses or ice cream.

34. Pumpkins– Plant a pumpkin patch for fall festivities and events.

35. Corn- Plant a corn maze & yearly activity event that supports the homestead.

37. Goat Rental– Offer goats that you can rent. People seriously pay for this.

39. Pigs– Raise and butcher pigs to sell directly or by shares.

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40. Bed and Breakfast- Got a spare room? Open your home as a bed and breakfast.

41. Woodworking- Build wooden signs, crafts, and furniture.

42. Open a children’s petting zoo. (Or just rent out for a few birthday parties.)

43. Make and sell soaps and lotions- Even if you do not raise your own products, finding the supplies to make homemade soaps and lotions can still be lucrative, or a great skill to learn early on to support your homesteading dreams.

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44. Worms- Raise and sell composting worms or worms for bait.

45. Rentals- Allow long term rentals for Tiny homes or RV’s.

46. Alternative energy- Generate solar energy or other alternative energy to not only save but add to the power grid.

47. Orchard- Plant an orchard, offer tours midst harvest and sell your all own goods.

48. Set up an outdoor shooting range.

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49. Crafty Products- Crafts from your scrap wood, dried flowers and such that you can make and sell.

50. Fish- Have a pond? Fish are another option to provide for your family or to raise and sell.

51. Fiber- Have sheep, goats, alpacas or rabbits? Sell online or locally!

52. Hide and Leather products

53. Beeswax

54. Handyman (or woman) for Hire- Use your skill and equipment for hire. (Wood splitter, haying equipment, animal butchering setup, etc.)

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55. Horseback Riding- Have horses? Offer trail riding.

56. Give Riding Lessons.

57. Rec Trails- Create biking and hiking trails for a small admission fee.

58. Off- Road Courses- Make a course. Four wheeler, dirt bike and even RC car tracks are always in demand in our area. Make a course and offer special events or a few rental dates available.

59. Rustic Cabins

60. CSA (For garden and baked goods.)

61. Delivery service– Fresh milk, cheeses, baked goods, etc. are more likely to attract customers if you offer a weekly or monthly dropoff or delivery service.

62. Christmas tree farm.

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63. Grow microgreens.

64. Offer boarding of horses or other animals.

65. Make Wedding Cakes

66. Offer Catering

67. Bake Bread and other delicious homemade goods– Some markets are good for all bread sales, other markets sell out of all bread niches. Cinnamon rolls, crescents, muffins are always the first to goat our market followed by flavored quick breads.

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68. Sell bees or Queens.

69. Offer tree services.

70. Make Quilts and Rugs

71. Wreaths

72. Crochet or weave find crafts.

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73. Offer Childcare

74. Wood chipping

75. Chainsaw or small engine work

76. Blog, Vlog or give people a peak into your daily life and insight.

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I hope these few ideas help get the ball rolling. For more specific ideas on actual products to sell, look at my Homesteading Income One Product at a Time post–>> HERE! You will find a giant list of over 100 different product ideas you can actually make and sell on the homestead, no matter the size of your homestead. Until next time…

Happy Homesteading!!!!

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