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7+ FREE Christmas Programs for the Small Church

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7+ FREE Christmas Programs for the Small Church

Fall harvests are closing and Thanksgiving is swinging in with full momentum. Christmas is soon to follow. November 1st is the day my pastor’s wife would ask the men to drag out the boxes of costumes.

Children walking into Sunday school would be beckoned to the hallway to the nursery to be sized and gathered for trying on costumes.

By the time Sunday school the hallway was glittered in its most organized fashion with donkey, sheep and wise-men costumes.


In this particular church, beginning November 1st, Sunday school would be short crisp lessons and we would gallantly transform into musical beings, rehearsing Christmas songs for weeks up until Christmas. How does your church prepare for the annual Christmas program?

Are you all set and ready for your Christmas service or program selection?

Or, are you a small church and are always puzzled what to do with few kids and little to no budget room?

Well, if you find yourself still looking, look no further! Here are: ( 7+) FREE Christmas Programs for the Small Church!

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7+ FREE Christmas Programs for the Small Church

1. A Christmas Nativity

So simple, and with a story line that never gets old. Christ’s birth.

A Christmas nativity can be done with two adults and a baby, three children or you can add in all the animals and characters as well. The beautiful part of the nativity is within the simplicity of the message. But, it also makes the last minute additions, odd sized groups of children and even young adults capable of playing the roles. The flexibility can be as simple as dressing up and your church congregation opening their hymnals to a few songs joined together with the pastor (or extra children for narrating scripture verses between the singing medley.)

If you would like a narrated script Christmas Nativity play, this FREE downloadable script is provided @oneshetwoshe! Thanks to Ms. Adelle, all you need to do is simply download and print. Enjoy!

Narrated Nativity is an excellent way to include all ages in your Christmas program, even without adding lines, like this Christmas Nativity play @Sundayschoolcenter

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2. Sing along Christmas

While so many churches have small or low financial budgets, many have great hearty spirits! If this is your church, perhaps a nice sing along Christmas program is just the key!

With one person narrating (could be the pastor or his wife) everyone else joins and sings. Children can be dressed in their Christmas best, or in their favorite Christmas costumes. (angels, animals, shepherds, etc.)

Looking for a scripted (free download) play for music? @Amomstake has this free script available for use and download.

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3. Teen and Adult Christmas Plays

Christmas fun isn’t only for the little kids. Have a small group of older youth that want to do a Christmas play?

One great solution can be found by checking out @LovetoKnow for their scripted downloadable Christmas play designed specifically for teens and adults.

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4. Christmas Story in Carols

Another great choice in finding a free Christmas play is by downloading this free ‘Christmas story in the Carols’ that is currently available online. A great choice by all!

HERE is just one solution. These are so great, versatile and festive!

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5. A Birthday Party for Jesus

Jesus is the reason for the season! It is ALL about His birth, so how about a birthday party? A great way to share the story of the greatest birthday ever.

There is no download for this, just a bit of improvisation. This worked best with a small church of middle school to teens. The small program begins in the middle of one of the children’s birthday party. While having a birthday party, (acting out the event) the birthday child is not a very good host. Perhaps has treated the guests poorly, not shared, and overall just created a disaster.

After realizing how poorly the child has behaved, the child gathers the guests/ friends and apologizes for the inappropriate behavior. But, then while seeking forgiveness, the gospel is shared of the best birthday party ever; the birth of Jesus!

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6. A Christmas to Believe in.

Another free Christmas play @Sundayschoolcenter is for mutlitple ages and can be adjusted as well. This skit is available in Spanish, Mandrin and Portuguese. Be sure to follow the links for the music and vocals as well.

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7. A Christmas Skit

Perhaps the easiest way to share the gospel with only a few participants is by adding a skit. The skit can be a few minutes in length, up to 45 minutes. Here are a few:

With this great start, may your hunt for the perfect Christmas program for your church be found. I also hoped this encouraged you to share the beautiful story of Jesus’s birth this Christmas, even if you only have a few children. It is a great time to reach the lost, invite friends and family to church, and most importantly live the greatest truth of all; He would have done it all, if only for one.

I am so glad, He came for me! Aren’t you? Have a beautiful start to your holiday season!

Have another free Christmas play, script or pdf available for small churches? Leave a link in the comments. Thank you!