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5 Tools Every Ministry Wife Should Have

5 Tools Every Ministry Wife Should Have

Whether you are a pastor’s wife or serving in a ministry department, these 5 tools are amazing! So amazing, we believe every ministry wife should be equipped with these 5 tools! If you or someone you know is entering ministry or you are welcoming a new pastor and family to your church, these are wonderful gift basket ideas too!

person holding black smartphone

1. A Bible App.

Every ministry wife should have a Bible App. Even better if it is a accompanied with a Bible study app as well. With so many different downloads and apps available today, many of these apps are free.

For an Android, iDailybread has a free app with the Bible verses and audio, as does igor apps and watchdisprayers (which is available offline) and Salem New Media are just a few. When it comes to iPhones, the KJV Bible Now app and the KJV app @ Bighead Techies are great options as well. Also, do not forget there are downloadable apps for those ipads and tablets too. A great addition to your media library and wonderful tools when you study out Gods word or are on the go!

woman using silver laptop

2. Canva

Canva is amazing! If you are in ministry, love to host gatherings or use social media; CANVA is awesome! Every ministry wife or family in ministry should have a Canva account. And having a FREE ministry account is great. Not only is the design site super easy to navigate, but you can order a variety of products through their print shop as well. No credit card is needed for a FREE limited account. Plus, order business cards for your pastor, design your own door hangers or mailer cards for the community. Or our personal favorite, create beautiful flyers for church activities and youth group events. I cannot speak highly enough of Canva, it really is that great of a tool for ministry leaders!

photo of planner and writing materials

3. A Planner

Planners are wonderful tools for everyone that enjoys being organized. BUT for a ministry wife, a planner is essential for optimum organization! Personally, I enjoy 2 planners. An undated planner is awesome, like this one at amazon. I loved the thought of this one to plan ahead (undated) for studies and ladies group ideas. BUT, I found it more of a one-time purchase loaded with weekly ideas under a month “themed”. If that makes sense? With 2 main planners each year, I have a large personal planner for appointments, meetings, upcoming plans and special dates. Whereas, my second planner is just a large print, like this, but is smaller (and cute) to tote around and group plan tentative dates to transfer into my main planner once dates are official.

pens and markers on case

4. Desk Supplies

Whether you have a desk or not, makes no difference. My husband spends hours on the sofa after a long week of being on his feet to study the Bible and prepare for Sunday’s messages. Yet, even on the sofa he uses desk supplies. Although I like to be at the desk or table, we both use highlighters, pens, notepads, sticky notes and Bible apps. I realize desk supplies is very vague. But every church is different and so is each household budget. Honestly, the first investment in ministry was more of my husbands that we shared and that was a laptop, several memory sticks (for organization) and an iPad. It is nice to have study with an app, have your Bible open and a laptop separate to have the study programs and type your devotion (or in his case, his message). None the less, we both always use desk supplies.

5. A Cute Mug

Every lady needs a cute mug! (Currently 10% OFF)

But a pastor’s wife might need…

And this one too…

With long hours, late nights, extra time in your Bible, and many new time stretching skills; a great mug gets you through! Simple treats are meaningful and feel luxurious—> After-all, tea tastes better when it’s from your favorite mug!

These 5 essentials as a ministry wife are a great start to your new title AND a make a beautiful gift to welcome a new pastor and/or pastor’s family!

P.S. If this is for a gift, like a welcome basket for the pastor’s wife? Okay, you win, here are 2 more that would be great as gifts or in a gift basket for ministry wives…

Bonus #1: A BlueTooth Device/ Speaker

Confession time, this is funny, because I actually thought to myself, why did we purchase this item the first time a bar strip speaker was placed on my dining room plant rack (Top shelf of this) Which was full of plants and my PinkZebra sprinkles light display.

But honestly, we use it ALL THE TIME! From Adventures in Odyssey to the Heirloom audio dramas, or while listening to favorite instrumental music. Because it was in our dining room, we also swapped our Bible time out from time to time with online devotions, preaching and college chapel time. It was a great addition to our families time in devotion and in God’s word. I highly recommend it! We purchased this inexpensive one (there are much better larger ones or sets, if you prefer) and it has lasted about 3 years without any issues thus far! Definitely a recommendation!

Bonus #2

These things are amazing! As you see them on my front page, we have recommended them to so many people without earning a dime until now, because they really are great! They were created to help rid toxins from your system naturally, and they really have worked well for us. After hearing a sweet message on self care for pastor’s and their families, we implemented the thought and advice behind the message into doing what worked in our own lives. So each quarter we pick a product or area to remedy, splurge or “treat” our family. It is always different. But a few products or things have stuck because we all really enjoyed and/or benefited from them. Foot patches was one of those. Pastor says he can “feel” the difference and sleeps so much better when he uses them. I enjoy them especially on days I swell or have sore legs/feet. If I am on my feet a lot or have swollen feet, these things are so amazing! When you take the patches off, you can see the patches have worked. So I highly recommend these for anyone on their feet a lot or in need high quality sleep. The cheapest way to purchase these currently, is Amazon and in the large multi packs (they usually offer a coupon.)

Have a fabulous week! And Happy Ministry!