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5 Steps for Starting a Thriving Women’s Bible Study

Ladies Bible Studies begin their next quarter after Easter- Here are 5 Steps for Starting a Thriving Women’s Bible Study!

Many ministries are beginning back up with the new quarter before the busy summer begins. Whether you are starting a Women’s Bible Study for the first time or beginning a new quarter; these 5 tips will help to successfully start up your next Ladies Bible Study quarter!

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1. Ladies Bible Studies Need Prayer

All of our planning, preparation and work is worthless, if God is not leading and working within it. If you the Lord is leading you to begin a Women’s Bible Study, start praying about it. Smother it in prayer. Pray the Lord will: 1. Send the right ladies, 2. Show you the right material or topics to cover, 3. For the Lord to work within each session as He sees fit, 4. All distractions would cease, 5. for the LORD to use you according to His will, and so on. Bathe it in prayer long before you begin your studies each week and of course for the appointed times. God does so much more for the heart than we can ever desperately try to with our lips and greatest efforts. He is so good!

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2. Ladies Bible Studies Need Direction

Decide with your pastor and/or leader how Women’s Bible Study will best serve the church. Are there many new Christian women in your church? Perhaps a ladies discipleship devotion series or book study would best suite the ladies you are serving. Seek input from your pastor and set a specific direction for your new Ladies Bible Study group. Direction would include the type of study you plan to do, (A book outline, a handout series, women’s booklets to write in, etc.) the leader and/or hosts of your Bible studies, the location or remote options for your Women’s Bible study, times and dates for the best turn out. Of course if there are no specifics suggested or you have complete freedom in this branch of ministry, again, pray. Who do you serve? Young mothers, elderly, singles, divorced, mixed, and etc? Of course this is not to separate, but if there is a select material that would encourage your ladies to where they would benefit most, why not? Also, this may be a growing season where your ladies group can branch into two different groups for specific needs. Something else to pray about.

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3. Ladies Bible Studies Need Committed Ladies and An Inviting Atmosphere.

After you have chosen specifics for your next Women’s Bible Study, then you must decide if you will be hosting each meeting or will there be other leaders. Nearly all churches we have served under have had one leader, usually being the pastor’s wife. However, a larger women’s group was able to divide into two separate meeting times for an additional personalized study for single mothers; allowing single mothers to have fellowship and at least one night off a month from cooking and watching the kids. (Church would provide those services that night.) So, you would have to chose the study type, location, times and dates. Next, we look to our committed ladies that have been faithfully attending, to build an atmosphere that is inviting and ensures confidentiality. In turn, promoting the New Ladies Bible Study series. Or, a Titus 2 atmosphere to encourage more ladies for your upcoming study. If your group is small, that is fine. One person alone, wanting to grow and learn more about Christ, is worth the study. However, if you are planning a Women’s Bible Study and have some faithful ladies that would like to get a larger group together, include them in the creation process. They can help create an atmosphere that is enjoyable for all. Depending on your goals, this could also be a great outreach for your church. Through the years, many women have came to Women’s Bible Study before ever attending a service at the church. After meeting a few ladies, they felt more comfortable going to a church service knowing someone they have met. It is always a blessing to be greeted by a friend at church.

Just as it has been statistically proven that ladies are more apt to come to a Bible Study in your home versus a study held at the church. A relaxing, comfortable home is typically more inviting and personalized.

4. Ladies Bible Studies Need Authenticity and Wholesome Biblical Wisdom.

One of the most discouraging things as a mother in the midst of a rough day in motherhood, is caving in after repeatedly being asked to attend a local ladies meeting, only to find out that it was a complete waste of time. (No actual Bible knowledge.) After a long task-filled day, going to a new Bible Study with a friend looking for encouragement and this “wonderful study”, lead to only finding a heated gossip session running long; and no time to actually open our Bibles. The host read a quote and we were dismissed for refreshments. Do not take this the wrong way; life happens, and the host is only one person. However, we need to make sure we are walking in the spirit and truth at all times; especially a Ladies Bible Study. Using wisdom and discernment, we can often lead the Women’s Bible Study back on track, or begin and politely ask the others to take their discussion elsewhere.

However, we need to remember each soul present needs refreshment. Depending on your Women’s Bible Study goals, we can all agree, we all have spiritual needs. (Even if they are different.) That’s the beauty of Women’s Bible Study. No matter who attends, we can all grow closer to the Lord. If your study is geared to a particular group of ladies or goal, this can also help assist in the setup of your meeting and keep it on track.

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5. Ladies Bible Studies Work Best With Good Food, Laughter, and Fun.

Just enjoy! Work with your group of amazing women that will be attending. Find some favorite foods, be sure to laugh, maybe cry, and enjoy the fellowship with your sisters in the Lord. As we are surrendered to the Lord’s will, it is amazing what HE can do and how HE leads. If you have only a few turn out one particular study, do not get discouraged. I have seen the Lord work greatly on nights like those when that one particular sister really needed the fellowship. God knows, trust Him.

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I hope these few tips help you kick off your next quarter or women’s ministry. I want to leave you with a beautiful reminder, that it is not up to us to do the work in each person’s life. If we are surrendered to God’s will, working fervently for Him, loving those whom He has placed in front of us, studying and delivering as the Lord sees fit in obedience; we can leave it in His hands. That is all that He asks from us. Give it to Him. Pray about it. Rejoice. He is an amazing God and His word does not return void! Happy Ministry!