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5 Simple Last Minute Gifts for Pastor Appreciation Month

With Pastor Appreciation Month almost complete, do not close out the year without saying thanks. Here are (5) Simple Last Minute Gift Ideas for you Pastor to say ‘Thank You’!

1. A Pastor Appreciation Card

So simple, but complete. Everyone can sign a card, right? Better yet, tuck a few $buck$ in there.

It is amazing how the 5, 10 or even$20 bills add up fast from each family. Everyone loves a bonus or gift at work when you have done a job well, why not do the same for your pastor?

Cannot find the right card, here is just example I found purchasable online.

2. A Journal

A small ‘Thank You’ token to tuck into a cute Pastor’s Appreciation card! This simple journal can be found online with multiple choices of filler. From blank paper, narrow lined, even dated options are currently available.

3. How about a Padfolio/Portfolio?

This particular one (there are many to choose from online) has notepad paper, pen and is customized folder style to keep track of sermon notes, prayer requests or day to day notes.

A handy gift for you pastor indeed!

4. A Plaque

Don’t want to get an item that says more work or applies to his work, how about spoil him with his favorites?

This could be foods, gift cards, and etc. To top it off you could say ‘Thank You’ with this plaque too!

5. A Mug?

Most pastors study with their favorite drink, what better way to say thanks then with a usable, cute gift like this?

Or this one?

While these are just a few last minute purchase options, do not forget about local options! Favorite take out, date night reservations for your pastor’s family, and so on. Any of these are great ‘Thank You’ gifts for pastor’s appreciation month!

Happy Ministry!