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25+ More FREE Or Low Cost Mother’s Day Ideas

With yesterday’s post (30 FREE Or Low Cost Mother’s Day Gift Ideas) leads to today’s post, 25 More FREE Or Low Cost Mother’s Day Ideas. So lets begin…

25 More FREE Or Low Cost Mother’s Day Ideas

1. A Cake-

A holiday is always special with a cake, this cake was nominated as one of the best Mother’s Day cakes. A beautiful two-tiered white chocolate buttercream covered cake. Yummy! And you can find the recipe HERE. But remember, any cake would be a beautiful gift to top Mother’s Day!

2. Cupcakes-

Have a few Mother’s Day deliveries? How about a batch of cupcakes? Cupcakes are a great way to send a little bit of love a few different directions with the same amount of cake batter. An extra sweet treat just the right size! And why not make them cute too? I love flower cupcakes. Here are a few ideas from Wilton too!

3. An Up-cycled Dish-

Have a dollar store, vintage or local thrift store near? How about a cute new dish with your mother’s favorite treats. Sometimes the most simplest gifts from the heart are the most meaningful. A great addition for your baked treats or candies for mom. These also make a great mini bundt display for the next free or low cost gift item.


4. Mini Cakes or Personal Bundts-

So many options when it comes to mini cakes. This mini bundt cake @TheMondayBox is a great one! Or the center cakes (Blueberry Almond @yourcupofcake) can be found at the Your Cup of Cake website. OR the mini cakes, also known as Korean Bento Cakes, a great hit for a slice of goodness! If you have a few bakers in your midst, it is not hard to whip out 24-36 of these in an evening! So another great idea for a small church crow or larger family celebrating with several mothers! Check out these pans online I purchased a few years ago for events, they work great! (I went with the springform after the mini bundt because they are easier to clean, especially when you are washing 12 at a time!)

5. Spa In a Jar-

This super cute idea came from Danetta over Find here tutorial AND free jar printable over there. I love how customizable this is and how easy it would be to upcycle or reuse jars to reduce the cost, allowing this to also be a congregation gift or Mother’s Day addition for the ladies of your church.

6. Custom Decorated Pillow Case-

A cute Topsy Turvy pillow case that can be signed, hand drawn or decorated for your personalized touch! Thanks to @TopsyTurvy

7. DIY Stenciled Monogram Candle-

Thanks @ Damask Love for these cute DIY candle project ideas. Another inexpensive gift idea for a crowd or to personalize a simple favorite!

8. DIY Rose Body Scrub-

Tutorial @ Lulu’s

9. DIY Coconut Oil Honey Hair Mask-

Another great gift idea that is handmade with love for Mother’s Day! This DIY Coconut Oil Honey Hair Mask from @MadinCrafts

10. Stenciled Tea Towels-

Cute and simple DIY ideas are the best. These Stenciled Tea Towels will not dissapoint either from @ Number 2 Pencil

11. DIY Raspberry Coconut Scrub-

Scrubs are amazing, here is another scrub recipe from Mad in Crafts, this is a DIY Raspberry Coconut Scrub and it sounds awesome!

12. DIY Menu Planner-

This super cute idea from @ A Moms Take is awesome and useful! It is a paint strip (On Dry Erase) menu planner- what a great idea for mom in the kitchen!

13. A Quote Frame-

A cute quote frame done and DIY guide from @ Keeping It Simple!

14. A DIY Frosted Candle Holder-

I love the little tea candles. They are just the right amount of scent, but not over powering for those late night bubble baths. What a great way to spoil mom and/or add to a gift basket! These cute frosted candle holders are a great idea from @ Moms Take!

15. Clipboard Photo Display-

How about this cute photo display idea? Customizable to your “mom’s” living decor or favorites AND homemade! Thanks to @ Positively Splendid

16. Terra Cotta Pots-

Cute Terra Cotta Pots are a great gift as well. Hand decorated pots are a great way to say “I love you” too! A cute idea from Pastels and Macaroons!

17. Decorated Clothespins-

Whether for the clothesline or the refrigerator with a magnet, these clothespins are a cute idea to add detail and thought to someones day! @Organized 31

18. Marbled Nail Polish Mugs-

@Strength and Sunshine you will spot these cute mugs that are another great DIY gift item! I love these ideas for the kids in Sunday School class, especially since they started carrying the plain white mugs at the dollar tree!

19. DIY Message Bars-

Massage Bars, need I say more? Check out this great post by @The Thrify Couple for these DIY Message Bars made with essential oils!

20. DIY Painted Egg Carton Wreath-

Looking for another DIY craft for mom? Check out this wreath from @CountryLiving!

21. Lavender Milk Bath-

A luxurious and simple way to say, “Happy Mother’s Day!” Another great DIY gift from @My Frugal Adventures.

22. Easy Milk and Honey Soap (Remade)-

Soap is a wonderful gift! So many fragrances and colors can enhance any bathroom with scent and sight! Or for a useful handmade gift. This Easy Milk and Honey Soap is one simple DIY project from @Happiness Is Homemade

23. Artsy Tin Can Vase-

With a few wild flowers, a small bouquet or fake flowers, these artsy tin can vases are another cute DIY gift for Mother’s Day! A beautiful idea of art from @Artsy Chicks Rule.

24. Corriander Planters-

Find the tutorial for these cute DIY planters HERE!

25. DIY Plant Markers-

With those cute DIY planters and pots of beautiful bouquets, look at this cute DIY craft the kids can do too! DIY plant markers! Tutorial @ Homemade ginger

Okay, so I said 25, but the last post had 30 and we are on a roll, so here are a few bonus finds- gifts by the 30!

26. Noodle Beads & Jewelry-

Since we noted a few kids crafts, handmade jewelry is beautiful and sweet from the little ones. Although beads are reasonable where we are located, they are not available or inexpensive everywhere! So, here is a thrifty, but cute version too. Either way, hand made jewelry is a win for Mother’s Day! Tutorial @ Lisa Burke

27. Tote Bag-

Now this is the inexpensive version, but you can get as creative and as luxurious as you would like with this item. However, this item can be made for under $3 if you purchase the packs of inexpensive totes in your local craft section at Wal-mart! This tutorial @Oh Happy Day is another great project!

28. Decorated Journals-

A cute DIY project and tutorial @ The Cute Little Things She Makes

29. (5) More Sugar Scrub Recipes-

A quick tutorial of your basic sugar scrub recipe and 5 variations with recipes @titusjoy

30. Key Chain Lip Balm Holder- –

Another splendid DIY idea that is super simpler find the tutorial here!

a tulips in full bloom with green leaves on a black paper bag

So, that is 30! I hope you found something you can use for Mother’s Day whether for you mom, mom friends, teachers, co-workers and/or neighbors. Perhaps something if you are a pastor’s wife too! Look for the church Mother’s Day round-up next week for great ideas for your gift bags as well!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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