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Welcome 2023: Women Helping Women

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Wow, what an amazing year 2022 has been! It’s hard to believe it is in the books and 2023 is actually here! I hope and pray that you, each individual reading this, has an amazing year filled with God’s touch in everything it entails!

First, I want to say, Thank you! Thank you readers for your faithful encouragement! Many of you have stuck with me from day one of my vision for this ‘blog’ that I knew I could only dedicate a few bits of my time to each day. I am so thankful for those that have been encouraging, checking in and reminding me that there is something here at is for every reader. That Honoring God through the purpose of helping, loving, supporting and encouraging those in ministry through this site, was my heart’s first desire! To take hands with people from all over the world and share resources, sites, tools, ideas, helps and anything that would make someone else’s life and tasks a bit easier. That we are stronger than ever before in 2023!

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So many dedicated women, perhaps you as well. Some of the most amazing women I have had the privilege to me, sit quietly beside a successful man. Often with very little recognition, they are found helping and multitasking with what the world calls ‘meaningless’ tasks. Resiliency, strength and dedication does not begin to describe these women, perhaps you. Thank you for your service to our Lord!

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Welcoming 2023, I realize more that ever, the need to support families in ministry. Some women had plans their whole life to be in ministry, while others slid into that roll by God’s calling. Then there are women that have prayed their families into ministry and missions. While some or doing so right now. Wherever you are as a reader, welcome! The vision for this website is for you! From menu planning to the home, with homesteading to homeschooling, and garden growing with canning to home cooking. Whatever you find useful, I hope it makes your daily tasks a little easier.

In 2022, we took in a lot of useful concerns, asked in a ton of in person questions to better serve pastor’s wives and their families and will continue to do so through 2023. If you believe something specific would be a huge help and resource to you and/or your families, please do not hesitate to reach out. The resources here will remain, Lord willing. So, here’s to a packed and meaningful 2023! May you feel God’s presence more in your life in 2023 than any other year before!!! Happy Ministry!

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Thank you again for serving our Lord!