52 Weeks of Literature Fun

Books, books books!!!

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We absolutely love to read!!!

Reading is especially enjoyable when it comes to life. Whether we are reading about a foreign country, a new adventure or a prize winning recipe; making the book come alive leaves a memorable experience and great opportunities to explore while learning.

Over the next 52 weeks I will pick a book and list some of the things we have done with that book in a unit study, a fun summer read adventure OR as a small addition to our homeschool during “table school”!

Feel free to use all or none of the ideas, worksheets and links I provide. I do hope it helps get the ideas rolling of activities you can do with your students, children or grandchildren to develop a true love of life long reading!

So, look for a weekly post on Friday mornings (**giving you the weekend to gather your thoughts if you choose to add this to your week**) for the book of the week during our #52weeksofliteraturefun. Look for pictures of art, crafts, recipes, projects and fun on social media via #52weeksofliteraturefun.

OH! Please do not think each book has to be done in a week. Some books, even short books are packed with goodies and “rabbit trails” for learning. Enjoy the reads at your own pace and reference the site for referral or subscribe to get them directly to your email. However you read, do it together, and enjoy!!!

P.S. As a side note, the books are grouped. Do not feel you have to read them in order. This was an approximately 3 year Literature rotation for me. Yes, I added in other literature (not considered classics, fun reads, fun activities/trivia/magazines, and age appropriate independent reading tucked in as well. (EX. In our Oceans & Islands group we added Rainbow fish for the preschool students and do a sequin art project.) Feel free to choose only one book from each book group to add to your current years curriculum.

Spoiler Alert: (Our first group of books is the Ocean & Islands Group. We begin next Friday, so invite a friend- we are reading within our homes and meeting once a month to share what we’ve done and add some activity, craft and snack fun~ Here is our first group book list.)

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