Garden LOVE!

Who is ready for summer? As seed catalogs begin to flow through the mail and arrive, I am reminded that spring is right around the corner. It has us scrambling with excitement for our upcoming garden and mini homesteading projects.


Inspiration from our last seasons pictures and notes on methods, seed count and yield help us plan our garden. Although we say we are so busy this year, maybe we should cut back, LOL, it seems our garden beds and the number of plots increase. Why? We LOVE the fresh vegetables and new life that springs up. I’m so blessed to be able to enjoy watching the children scouring the garden for fresh ripe tomato varieties, peas, purple beans and cukes.


So, are you ready for planting season? Have your seed catalogs arrived and re-energized the “garden itch”? I hope this post is nothing more than:

  1. Are you excited for the warm weather around the corner? Are you starting your seeds already?

2. That new life is just around the corner and just as the garden seasons change, so do our lives. The season we are in, may be lead to a new season tomorrow. There is hope!

Happy Gardening! Happy Homemaking!

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