Taco Soup for a crowd in less than 30 minutes!

~Brown 2 lbs of beef. (Yes this can be substituted with venison or wild game- no one with know)

~Meanwhile in a large stock pot add 2 cans of corn and 2 cans of kidney beans. (Both drained) with 2 cups of water. Warm on medium heat.

~Check on your beef. Crumble (Potato masher works great!) Add 1 diced onion (optional of course) and season with salt & pepper.

~In your stock pot, add 2 jumbo cans of stewed tomatoes. (Roughly 60 oz. totaling in tomatoes) NEXT, add 2 Cans of tomato sauce. (Roughly 30 oz. total) Continue to warm on medium heat.

~When your onions (if you chose to add them) are translucent, add one packet of taco seasoning OR about 1 oz. Stir and mix. Dump into your stockpot.

~Continue to stir your stockpot and cover. It should at a boil by now if you were cooking on medium-high heat. On medium heat, cover and let cook for 20 minutes.

~Serve with cheese and desired toppings. (We love just cheese and tortilla chips or scoops.) My dear friend loves toppings, she will add the tortilla strips, a couple cheese options, sour cream, (the canned chopped fine & soft) jalapenos and black olives. It is so scrumptious! Whichever you choose, note this is a great “double” recipe even for a small-medium family. I say this because my crew says this is even better re-heated. LOL! Who knew leftovers would be a love too!

Happy Homemaking! Enjoy!!!

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