DIY, 2 Ingredient, Jello Fruit Leather!

If you are already canning mom, you already know you love to give your family the best you can. If your children are like most though, they love some of the “other goodies” I may not make as often or prefer to buy. This recipe is SO simple and frugal. Near our area the seasons can range differently each year; however, most years I can put up applesauce and apple products for free (just the picking) or very inexpensively purchased. Which is a win- win for us because my kids love apple and the products I can put up for the season like applesauce, apple pie and so forth.

This recipe only requires applesauce (store bought WILL work), a box of sugar free jello, and a dehydrator! If you are looking for a “NO DYE” product, organic gelatin will do.

Mix 2 quarts of applesauce and 3 oz of jello or gelatin and place on a food dehydrator tray. Follow the instructions with your dehydrator. Our dehydrator takes roughly 8 hours to make fruit leather.

DIY Hand Soap

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Do your hand dry out during the cool winter months of dry air like mine? We love lotion, but with many of us in the house, and an alternative for my boys that do not prefer the lotion, we have found a way to help eliminate some of the use by making our own soaps. For several years I have had the privileged of making our own bar soap. We simply just take a few days throughout the summer months to make long tubes (PVC) of bar soap and slice as needed. It is so nice to have the lathery soft soap that leaves your skin nice and smooth. However, at the sink my kids still prefer the pumped hand soap. Realizing not everyone makes homemade soap, I would love to share a recipe that ANYONE can make in their home.

Start with 1 Cup of distilled water. Carefully AND slowly add 1 Cup of castile liquid soap. (If you just dump it together it will bubble and you will loose some suds.)

Next add 2 Tablespoons of Vitamin E oil, followed by 3 Tablespoons of jojoba oil. ( This can can be substituted, with almond or olive oil- but it does make a different overall soap- but still effective in the element of cleaning purposes.)

Add 30 Drops of tea tree oil and 20 drops of lavender essential oil. Now for this, it can be substituted with herb infused oil. FOR EXAMPLE, my boys soap instead of adding the lavender essential oil, I will often use my herbs infused oil. (Which is high density lavender and calendar.) It makes beautiful and moisturizing hand soap. Feel free to play with the scents a bit too. If lavender is too strong for you, add a few drops of the lemon essential oil or orange, it makes a very refreshing soap as well.

After your oils are together, place cap on your large dispenser and shake. Squirt a little into your hand and place next to your sink for future use. Remember castile soap is a vegetable base so it will not “mix” or blend well. If it sits a long while, it will separate, just shake before use and viola!

Just a couple notes. The Vitamin E and oil are the moisturizers, yes they can be omitted or exchanged. However, just keep in mind it will change the texture on your skin. As far as the essential oils, they can also be omitted or exchanged. However, if experimenting and you have children, keep in mind peppermint and “strong” oils can be harsh on sensitive and young skin, so please avoid them. If you are looking for a scent that is to “wake you up” or refreshing, try a lemon or an orange essential oil, etc.

Happy Soaping & Happy Homemaking!

P.S. This can be mixed in a large bowl, a 5 gallon bucket or in a single use dispenser. It mixed triple batched wonderfully in the clear OJ containers and allows you to make less often and just funnel or refill your household dispensers, depending on the size of your household. Penny’s to make, without all the harsh chemicals on your family, so nice! Don’t forget, you can also make hand pumps out of mason jars or you can purchase them online– and with a little creativity, they do make beautiful gifts too!

Tortilla Round Up- 45+ Good Eats You Can Make With Tortillas!

Kids LOVE tortillas. Over the years we have come to know so many things that are great that have the main ingredient- TORTILLAS. If you do not know how to make them, check out my recipe. In the meantime, they are also fairly cheap, even the different dollar store type chains carry them. The best price is our local grocery that sells them by the 4 dozen packs for just over $3.00! Either way here are some ideas starting with the most obvious perhaps:

  1. Soft tacos (too many kinds to list- chicken, beef, pulled pork, fish, steak, shrimp, etc.)
  2. Muffin tin tacos- bake tortillas loaded with your favorite toppings
  3. Tortilla bowls- baked for taco salad, southwest salad, etc.
  4. Breakfast burritos
  5. Migas
  6. Mexican Enchiladas
  7. Breakfast Quesadilla (ham, cheese, mushroom & eggs are the favorite here.)
  8. Mexican Quiche in a wrapped tortilla
  9. Campfire Quesadillas- (foil wrapped, loaded quesadillas) This also work for studio apt or toaster oven cooking.
  10. Bean & Cheese Burritos
  11. Loaded burritos
  12. Fajitas (many kinds)
  13. Pizzas on the grill or in the oven (flat)
  14. Pizza pocket bakes w/ toppings
  15. Pizza Quesadillas
  16. Chicken Quesadillas
  17. Cheesy Pico De Gallo Quesadillas
  18. Taco Casserole
  19. Enchilada Casserole
  20. Mexican Bean Casserole
  21. Enchilada Lasagna
  22. Huevos Rancheros
  23. Pigs in Ponchos (grilled)
  24. Chicken Tacos on a stick
  25. Mexican burger burritos
  26. Chicken & Cheese Taquitos
  27. Steak & Cheese Taquitos
  28. Tortilla soup
  29. Wrapped Moo Shoo Pork
  30. Shrimp sushi rolls
  31. Wrapped Asparagus & Sauce
  32. Tortilla Sandwiches- ham & cheese, PB&J, Meatball & cheese, ham & Swiss, etc.- warm until desired
  33. Nachos- any way you like them
  34. Tostados- fry & top with your favorites
  35. Chilaquiles
  36. Flautas- fill, fry & dip
  37. Waffle tortillas w/ eggs, bacon & syrup
  38. Cold breakfast roll ups (pb & choc. chips, cool whip, strawberries, cream cheese spread & any fruits, etc.)
  39. Pop tart (Filling of chocolate & Pb)
  40. Fruit & Yogurt Roll ups- (my kids love bananas & blueberry yogurt)
  41. Ham & Cheese Roll ups
  42. Fruit pizza roll ups
  43. Banana wraps (Nutella & sliced bananas)
  44. Apple Pie Burritos
  45. Campfire Burritos s’mores
  46. Tortilla Cinnamon Crisps (fried w/ cinnamon & sugar)
  47. Dessert Nachos
  48. Baked cinnamon & sugar mini ice cream bowls
  49. Ice cream tacos
  50. Tortilla French Toast
  51. Reuben Pinwheel wraps
  52. Buffalo Chicken Pinwheel wraps
  53. Veggie Ranch wraps
  54. 7- Layer dip Pinwheel wraps
  55. Wraps- any meat, vegetables or the combination w/ favorite dressings
  56. Dessert Tacos
  57. Cream Cheese & Fruit chimichangas