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10 Ways to Help a mom with a Newborn Baby After Birth.

10 Ways to Help a Mom With a Newborn!

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10. Bring food-  This is probably the most common one on the list, but I am often surprised when I hear of a new mom giving birth and finding out there were no meals supplied by family, friends, nor church family.  It is so simple to do, yet so easy to forget.  Freezer meals are great, leftovers from your dinner (make a couple extra servings on spaghetti or hot-dish night), simple soups are great and so easy to warm up for new moms.  We might not think it, but even picking up pizza for a birthing family could be helpful.  (She doesn’t need to make dinner or lunch for the rest of the hungry family.)  Of course the list of what to bring is endless, she will be grateful for anything.  If you are seriously unsure of what to bring, ask about family allergies, favorite dishes and remember certain foods have been linked to possibly making a fussy baby if she is nursing.  (Avoiding heavily seasoned food, onions, papers and too frequent of tomato based foods by mom.)  Another huge blessing with meals is to create a meal train.  Take lead, make a few phone calls to friends, family church members and create meals for a week or even up to a month.  What a huge blessing for mom and family!!!

9. Babysit- I understand this doesn’t apply to all, but some moms have other children that have needs. Even taking the kids for a couple hours to the park if you have children is a HUGE blessing.  Maybe you feel like you don’t know her too well or if she would be comfortable with you taking her children out of the home.  If staying is an option, maybe she wants to take a quick stroll, run to the store to get out of the house, even shower or take a long relaxing bath & read. *OR Check the next one then.

8. Drop off a family movie- A movie and/or popcorn, even simple sticker book or craft if she has other children.  She may be recovering from natural or a C-section birth and going out is just not likely to happen.  A quiet movie night would be a huge blessing!  If she has children and would like to relax or lay down on the couch, a new movie, a cute kids movie, or a simple (no mess) craft or sticker book would be a hit!

7. Use a food delivery service-  Surprise mom and the whole family with delivery.  This could be doordash, GrubHub, UberEats, Postmates, etc. and find their favorite meals that can get straight to their door!

6. Food Subscription Services-  Another way to surprise mom is by subscribing to a new service. HelloFresh, GreenChef, Home Chef Fresh & Easy, Sun Basket, HomeChef, EveryPlate, BistroMD, Freshly, Dinnerly, Martha & Marley Spoon, etc. This is a nice option if there are dietary concerns.  EX. Vegan, gluten free, organic, etc.

5. Other Subscriptions Services- Diapers, wipes, treats, monthly date nights, etc.  Options are endless with subscription services.  Everything directly for the baby, down to teas and healthy treats for nursing mothers, as far as household product services and more services to occupy siblings to ease mothers load. (Products, magazines, teas, cookies, treats, cute baby products, activity boxes, etc.)

4. Dishes- Need I say more?  Daily lists always involve dishes!  Either a dish washing party would help OR if that doesn’t work feel free to bring paper/plastic products so mom doesn’t have so many to take care of, plates, bowls, cups, utensils, all of these will greatly reduce the time that has to be invested at the kitchen sink!

3.  Household Chores-  One thing I remember being apart of was helping a very large family clean. With 11 children underfoot including a new baby, it does not take long for any house to feel cluttered and disorganized.  With a couple weeks of meals and some supplies in hand, they were stormed by a group of teens ready to clean and keep the kiddos busy while adults stocked the freezer and scrubbed up the kitchen.  Many hands make light work!  Not that you have to clear a whole house, but even just some meals, kitchen work and possibly a few loads of laundry goes a LONG WAY!  If staying to clean is not an option, what about restocking clenaing products?  A laundry basket filled with dish soap, laundry soap, dryer sheets, cleaning wipes, rags, or whatever else you can think of.

2. A robe-  A super soft, comfy robe is irreplaceable, especially if she is getting company with the new baby.

1. Flowers & Chocolate-  What a refreshing gift.  Everything with a new baby can often leave mom tired and we know most women love flowers.  If not a bouquet, how about potted plants, succulents or better yet a little fruit bush plant?  Everyone like edibles that are low maintenance and/or can be planted outdoors!


A giant flavored coffee or a caffeinated drink, cookies, brownies, desserts, (it doesn’t have to even be homemade), a book, a baby gift, anything post partum, groceries, a couple tasty recipes for quick meals, bath soaks or bath bombs, anything to pamper mom- facial masks, polishes, etc., anything to remind her she’s missed from her daily routines. (Cards from her previous Sunday school teacher or students she teaches, bring a card from the co-workers, etc.) Others include gift cards, amazon gift cards can deliever almost everything, hand sanitizer, baby handprint kit, jogger pants, water bottle or tumbles, a new coffee mug, “What to expect the first year”, nursing pads, massagers, foam pillows, mother’s milk tea, nursing covers (There are so many cute ones!), and slippers too! 

I hope this gets the ball rolling and helps you think about a wonderful way to be a blessing to that precious mommy & baby in your life!  Happy Homemaking!