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~10 Things Your Pastor’s Wife Wants You to Know

~10 Things Your Pastor’s Wife Wants You to Know

It is no secret, that life can be messy! When working with people, it can get messy. But, amazing true friends will stick with us through the mess and try to help you see the clear skies ahead! Some of the truest friends that will stick you through the mess is your pastor or pastor’s wife. One good reason your family should be locked into a local church. This leads me to the first thing your pastor’s wife wants you to know:

  1. Life can be messy. So, church can be full of people with messy lives. Just because people in the church are a certain way, does not mean the pastor’s family is that way as well.
  2. Your pastor’s wife loves you more than you know!
  3. That she is unique!
  4. She is approachable.
  5. Her righteousness comes from God too.
  6. She is living with unrealistic expectations from others. (Or herself.)
  7. She treasures family time and guards it!
  8. She is harmed by criticism toward her husband and at times, of the church.
  9. Navigating friendships in the church is probably difficult.
  10. She avoids gossip, and is harmed by gossip.
  11. She lives with stress!

Even in the best churches in the world, the position of pastor’s wife is its own. Think about it, there is no job description except to be the wife of the pastor. YET, everyone has an idea or image in their mind of the pastor’s wife’s responsibilities and duties in the church. This alone can cause hurt, gossip, and unrealistic expectations. And nothing hurts more than comparison. It is stressful! But, thankfully your pastor’s wife loves the church and its people anyways.

She probably prays more for the people and the community than you will ever fathom, and while I cannot speak for every pastor’s wife; I know I hurt when our people hurt. And I pray for their extended families they long to see in church and the ones they desire to see conquer sins in their life. It is an honor to love and care for people like God loves us. And while there is not a checkoff list day to day of pastor’s wives duties, there is an accountability to our great Lord.

So, if you are reading this and are not the pastor’s wife. Know your pastor’s wife cares for you greatly. She wants God to bless your life through your obedience to HIM. Also know that she is unique and does not want to be like your other pastor’s wife, nor does she strive to meet peoples image of what she should be. Allow her to be herself around you. She is just another sinner like you saved by grace after-all. And while you may say she dresses or acts differently, whether that is true or not, you are assuming she has ALWAYS been that way. But do you know that? Have you ever actually took the time to get to know her because you care? And as your pastor’s wife, know she may think you are awesome, but knows if she treats you differently than the next lady, it could make Sunday’s very difficult! Or cause a stumbling block before another woman in the church.

Lastly, navigating the waters of a pastor’s wife can be tricky and a continual learning process. Have grace toward your pastor’s wife and do not read into things that are not there, you might just be wrong. Hurting one of the people that truly loves you the most and is on your team. If you are the pastor’s wife, thank you for serving! People’s lives are priceless! IF you have been mistreated, lied or gossiped about, or hurt; I am sorry. Although it comes with the territory at times, there are so many people that are grateful for the work you do and the friendships they have made with you. You are a precious commodity! We need more faithful praying women to mentor the next generation, may that be your motivation to press on. God chose you, because HE knew you could!

Have a beautiful day! Happy Ministry!

Happy Wednesday my friends!

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