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10 Cute Fall Event Themes for Your Next Ladies Meeting or Fall Gathering

1. Denim & Lace (Or Autumn Plaid)

Fancy or simple- I love this theme! (Decorated gift boxes Here)

That time of year, right? Cute plaid decor either repurposed, borrowed or specifically purchased for your event; along with beautiful lacy denim table accents.

Elegant. Simple. Beautiful.

Add in dainty cute serving platters of appetizers or your favorite elegant petite cakes, and a sweet, simple message from the Lord and wallah- a great start!

2.Fall in Love (with Jesus)

A favorite (have done for a Ladies dinner on Valentine’s spin off too! – Friends let friends fall in love with Jesus)!

Beautiful, simple and lovely.

With elegant fall decor, some jar cakes (simply decorated) and great company; this is a wonderful fall theme for your next gathering!

top view of an apple pie

3. Apples (A People Pleasing Life Entertaining Sin)

Apple pie and coffee? Need I say more?

Apples was the theme- the message was about living a life that was focusing on pleasing people. (Not necessarily living in sin, but how it can keep us from God’s sweet rest and peace, and perhaps even reel us in to sin.) But Do NOT limit yourself to this. Apples is a great banquet theme for your teacher’s dinner too!

While apples is a delicious and sweet theme alone, apples are easy to decorate with as well. (Reds and goldens.) Or this could be a hands on get-together. Apple peeling night!

Why not bring loads of apples, sip, chat, peel and bag apples for all the families in the church? A great help to all the moms that bake fresh pies over the holidays- AND it comes with beautiful fellowship!

4. Beauty in Change

Any autumn touch works for decor, along with your favorite autumn foods. How about a favorite fall dessert bake-off to make it fun and lighten your load?

Start off with a simple baked potato or chili self serve bar with apple cider or hot teas. After beautiful fellowship, a simple message, even a craft. Top the evening off with a fun dessert spread. Be sure to ask everyone to bring the recipe too, to share!

Do not forget these great displays for your bake-off. A great way to showcase the masterpieces your ladies bring, AND that will come in handy for your church fall gathering, thanksgiving and Christmas food fellowships!

5. Paint & Sip

Grab the gals and the brushes!

Relax. Paint. Sip some hot cider, tea or cocoas! Num!

Have a blast with lots of laughs!

Here is a great place to buy canvas in bulk!

two brown ceramic mugs
Photo by Elina Sazonova on

6. Pumpkin-Spice & Everything Nice

Pumpkin Spice Coffee? Yummy!

Perhaps one of my favorites for a small crowd, great with a friend or couple ladies (especially during flu season) to still fellowships, relax and enjoy time together!

Pumpkin spice hot drinks while enjoying facials with great scrubs and exfoliates!

Add in a beautiful message of the goodness of God in our life. (Softer hearts, brighter days and appearance & a well hydrated and nourished life in HIM!)

7. Lanterns & Lace (w/Candle Craft)

Old oil lamps are perhaps some of my favorite things to check out at the antiques store in town. But, this version is with lanterns. (The beautiful sleek black lanterns that illuminate the back patio deck.

However, the lanterns hold a candle and are simply vessels to contain the light from going out and continuing to burn.

Accompanied with a candle craft, this is a beautiful, soft reminder of the light we carry for Christ! Another favorite indeed.

person in gray long sleeve shirt holding orange pumpkin bbyby
Photo by Monstera on

8. Pumpkin Party

As simple as it sounds, it is.

All things pumpkin, including sweet treats or brunch!

Share the pumpkin message, of how the Lord scoops the yuck and gooey goop out, and places a beautiful light for us to shine for all the world to see- or add you own fall message of sorts you desire.

person holding marshmallow on stick with fire

9. S’more Fun (s’more Jesus too)

Backyard bonfire fun with the gals, a stargazing beach night fire or an indoor S’mores bar is a great kick-off toward any ladies meeting or gathering this fall!

From tabletop burners to s’more’s chocolate fountains and rustic beach fire to a beautiful addition to your gathering place. (Propane fire places).

How and when are very flexible, while having a sweet fellowship is non-negotiable.

Keep it simple or select a wide variety of toppings or flavored marshmallows. Some include:

  • Caramel
  • Reese’s
  • Strawberry pie filling
  • Nutella
  • Dark chocolate & Candied Bacon spread
  • Cookie Butter
  • Pretzel cookie truffle s’mores (no graham, but the pretzel cookies)
  • Mixed berry roasted s’mores
  • Samoa S’mores (salted caramel & coconut on top)
  • Chocolate chip s’mores
  • Mexican hot chocolate s’mores
  • Rice Krispie S’mores
  • Oreo S’mores
  • Snicker’s S’mores
  • Milky Way S’mores

bed of sunflower
Photo by Designecologist on

10. Field of Grace (Sunflowers theme)

So many beautiful lessons can be found in nature. Especially true with sunflowers.

Finding beauty before the flower. Encouraging the flower. Length of time to bloom. Seeds. Soil. Sunlight. God’s design. Natural beauty in creation. Mankind’s touch to God’s handiwork (good or bad). And so on.

Sunflower Gift Boxes take on a new perspective in a fall gift! My favorite ladies gift to give that has been recieved by the women awarded them are these sunflower mugs in a homemade sunshine kit. (Like the link above!) Everyone loves sunflowers!

While it should be no surprise, I was a tad overtaken by how many ladies have a favorite flower and enjoy sunflowers too! Either way coupled with:

  • Hot teas
  • Honey
  • Fresh lemons
  • A cute stir spoon
  • Sunflower journal
  • Yellow goodies (Lemon cookies, bars or creamy Oreos)
  • And any accents of yellow sunshine or sunflowers in a basket

With a few gift ideas, decorations speak for themselves. (sunflowers)

I will close out this post with a beautiful song to go with this theme as well!